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Hunting & Fishing

Made at the Tula Arsenal in 7.62 x 39mm caliber. 1950 year of manufacture stamped on bolt cover, all serial numbers match on rifle, 20” barrel, not sure if barrel is chrome lined, beautifully colored laminated stock with attached bayonet and cleaning rod, selling as package with instruction manual, sling, oil bottle, cleaning kit, front sight adjustment tool, stock take-down tool, five SKS stripper clips, and canvass bandolier that holds ten 10-round stripper clips full of ammo, one special 30-round detachable steel magazine, need to remove the 10-round fixed magazine to install the 30 rounder, excellent condition with minor marks if any from handling and storing, stock has nice glossy finish with some light sanding marks visible from original manufacture, original owner. was never modified, never fired, believe is unissued military surplus. transfer through FFL dealer. +(ALLENTOWN) Text

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